The World is Your Oyster

In the era of the global economy, patent issues have become increasingly complex and multijurisdictional. This infographic will take you through some of the key patent-related challenges and opportunities your in-house IP peers are faced with in global jurisdictions.

Alfred Chaouat, Senior VP Licensing at Technicolor, discusses the factors that will reshape the TV licensing business in Japan in the coming years.

Andrei Moskvitch sheds light on the challenges he faces as the Director of Patent Operations at Yandex, the Russian Internet company operating the largest search engine in Russia and the 4th largest worldwide. 

Jeffery Langer, the Senior Counsel for Next Generation Products at Philip Morris International, draws on his professional experience in China to examine the current risks associated with this jurisdiction, as well as the huge potential that lies in its rapidly maturating legal system.

Vincent Couteau, Head of Legal IPR at Atos – a global IT services corporation – shares his views on current patent systems and legislative developments in the Americas, Europe and the MENA region including the Alice ruling in the US and the upcoming Unitary Patent in the EU.

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