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Pat-Tech Exchange Annual Patent Investment Review 2017

Ahead of the 2017 Pat-Tech Exchange, attendees were asked what their top challenges, projects and biggest investment priorities were for the next 6 - 18 months.We've also compared this information against the same insights we were given before the 2016 Exchange to show how the business requirements of senior patent professionals have changed over... Read More


Pat-Tech Exchange 2016 Post Event Report

Take a look at some of the themes and sessions that took place at the 2016 Pat-Tech Exchange  by downloading the Post Event Report which covers: Exclusive insights into the delegates' top areas of investment for 2016 and beyondKey attendance stats so you can see just who participatedWhat they learned and what they said about Europe’s most... Read More

IP in a Digitized World

Patents and licensing are becoming key for organizations to monetize their inventions. Technology is constantly creating new ways of working, leading to more and more industries converging together due to connectivity, automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).Because of this, IP strategy has to change - and this report has gathered expert... Read More

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The World is Your Oyster

In the era of the global economy, patent issues have become increasingly complex and multijurisdictional. This infographic will take you through some of the key patent-related challenges and opportunities your in-house IP peers are faced with in global jurisdictions.Alfred Chaouat, Senior VP Licensing at Technicolor, discusses the factors that... Read More

The Global IP Exchange in Numbers

The Global IP Exchange gathered over 110 Heads of IP/Patent and Licensing in March alongside 45 law firms and innovative technology vendors to help the attendees improve their company’s IP protection and commercialise their patent portfolios. This infographic sums the event up in numbers alongside some of the attendees... Read More


Top 15 Solution & Services Intellectual Property and Patent Professionals Are Planning to Invest In Over the Next 6 -18 Months

We surveyed a senior group of in-house IP and patent leaders to discover which services and solutions they plan to invest in over the next 6 to 18 months to help them build a cost effective, robust and future proofed IP and patent strategy. The results have been compiled into this exclusive infographic - do the results match up with your... Read More

Exploring the Patent Universe: Venture Through Technology Companies’ Biggest Challenges

The Pat-Tech Exchange recently interviewed the Director of Licensing from IBM, Chief IP Counsel for Dräxlmaier, IP Counsel for Niko Group, Head of European Litigation for Nokia, IP Manager for Williams F1 and the Director of Licensing for Valneva to find out their biggest challenges.In this free eBook you will learn:How to ensure the IP and legal... Read More

Pat-Tech Exchange Agenda 2

The two-day Exchange in June will provide you with a variety of intimate discussion sessions, business meetings and keynote presentations designed to help you protect and monetize your... Read More

Patent Strategy


Developing Innovative Strategies to Deliver Greater Revenue from Patents

Iben Haasum, Director of IPR & Licensing at Chr. Hansen speaks exclusively to the Global Patent Strategy Exchange team about working with boards of companies as well with external providers to develop greater revenue from the patent... Read More


Successfully Defending a Patent Infringement Allegation from a Competitor

Philippa  Montgomerie, Commercial Director and General Counsel at Aircraft Medical, a specialist developer of anaesthesia technology, sheds light on how she successfully defended a patent infringement allegation from a competitor. Philippa also illustrates how she gets the most value for money from external providers.... Read More

Creating a Holistic Patent Strategy and Understanding Its Benefits for IP-Owners

Matt McBrian, Head of Patents IP & Technology Law at BAE Systems shares his views on what constitutes a holistic patent strategy and how IP-owners can benefit from it. Matt also explains why it is important to raise awareness of the value that IP brings to the wider... Read More

From China to Russia: How a Global Company Tracks and Stays One-Step Ahead of the Global Patent Race

Andrei Moskvitch, Director of Patent Operations at Yandex, Jeffery Langer, Senior Counsel for Next Generation Products at Philip Morris International and C. F. Tsai, Partner at Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law shed light on how to manage and enforce patents in emerging markets. With a focus on Russia and China, the presenters discuss how to deal... Read More

Finding the Right IP Talent and Handling Change when Relocating an IP Department

The Legal Exchange Network spoke with Eduardo Paz, Global IP Director at Tenaris about finding the right talent and growing the scope of their IP department. Tenaris are relocating their IP department from Argentina to Europe, so Eduardo explains the key challenge they are facing. Eduardo also talks about how they have moved from a low visibility... Read More

Successfully Expanding the Scope of the Patent Portfolio

Nikolai Bisgaard, Vice President IPR AT GN ReSound A/S talks about differences between ligation in Europe, US and China. Nikolai shares his views on innovative licensing strategies, expanding the scope of the patent portfolio and the emerging threat of... Read More

An Integrated Approach to Freedom to Operate at Kongsberg Automotive

Nicolas Preisig, Corporate IP Counsel at Kongsberg Automotive Holding ASA, who is responsible globally for all IP issues of two of the four business units, shares his insights with the Legal Exchange Network. Firstly, Nicolas explains how they have developed a new product introduction process and the part Patent Clearance (or ‘Freedom to... Read More

Legislation Change


How Can Businesses Be Better Prepared for the EU's Unitary Patent Court?

Sajjad Karim, who is the lead Conservative MEP negotiating the Unitary Patent package, shares his thoughts on why this is a positive initiative for innovators as well as how companies in the region can capitalise on opportunites presented by the change in... Read More


Transcript of: The New Unitary Patent System: an EPO Perspective

Our editorial team spoke Margot Fröhlinger, Principal Director of Patent Law and Multilateral Affairs at the EPO, ahead of her session at the Global IP Exchange to get her thoughts on the implementation of the new Unitary Patent System by the European Patent Office. Read the transcrive of the full interview here.... Read More

Licensing, Valuation & Monetization


What to Take into Consideration When Valuing Your Patents

Adam Kubelka, Director of IP at JDSU and Christian G. Frey, Siemens’ Head of Innovation & Patent Coordination, share their opinion on what a valuable patent portfolio looks like.  At Siemens, a patent portfolio is valuable if it protects the R&D investment. The portfolio must be strategically placed and integrated with trademarks and... Read More

Exclusive Interview With Google's Transactions Strategy and Patent Licensing Manager, Kurt Brasch

Google’s Kurt Brasch, Transactions Strategy and Patent Licensing Manager speaks exclusively about the challenges of implementing a licensing strategy. A must... Read More

Planning and Implementing Successful Licensing Strategies

Matthias Ulrich Director, EMEA License Compliance, Dolby Europe Ltd believes it is important for businesses to first understand market conditions before planning a licensing strategy. He shares his own experiences at Dolby as well as predictions for the future of IP in... Read More

Protecting, Monetizing and Expanding the Scope of Your Patent Portfolio With Limited Budgets

Anne – Li Sigvardsson, Intellectual Property Manager at Vitrolife and Jeffrey Johnson a Partner at Pryor Cashman from the USA investigate the theme of protecting, monetizing and expanding the scope of your patent portfolio with limited budgets, plus getting your Board to buy-in to your... Read More


Transcript: How ST-Ericsson is Driving Revenue from their Patent Portfolio

Peter Ericsson Nestler, Head of Patents at ST-Ericsson, joins Legal Exchange Network to discuss how to drive revenue from your patent portfolio and how to address challenges along the way. He also reflects on the impact of the America Invents Act on future patent applications, and on how he expects the IP sector in Europe is set to... Read More

Adding Value through IP & Communicating with the Business


Tying the Business Strategy with the R&D and Patent Departments

Jason Loh, Head of Strategic Planning Office & Head of Global IP Frontiers at Panasonic shares his experiences in running the Singapore-based in-house consultancy. In particular, Jason provides practical insight on empowering the business to generate more revenue by aligning the business strategy with the R&D and patent... Read More


Novartis Pharma AG: Maintaining Effective Communication as an In-House IP Leader & Getting Buy-In from Management

The Global IP Exchange spoke with Paul Fehlner, Head of IP at Novartis Pharma to discuss what challenges he faces with regard to internal communication and how he has positioned the department within Novartis to further the IP message. Plus Paul shares tips on how to secure the budget you need to achieve your goals, discussing the importance of... Read More

IP, Patent, Trademark & Brand Protection Strategy


Giving Your Patent Portfolio Super Powers

This eBook – a comic book – focuses on the key challenges being faced by some of the key players in the patent and IP world, and features stories from Qualcomm’s VP and Patent Counsel George Whitten, The European Patent Office’s Margot Fröhlinger, Principal Director of Patent Law and Multilateral Affairs and Google’s Kurt Brasch,... Read More